Caitlyn MacMaster

Life Coach

Are you ready to let your inner light shine more brightly?  I am dedicated to helping you create lasting transformation so that you can live your most satisfying and fulfilling life.

My Coach Approach

A personalized experience

My approach to coaching begins with the fundamental belief that change is possible and starts within. 


Using powerful questions, I will help you:

  • get crystal clear on your vision for what you want in your life,

  • channel the motivation to make it a reality,

  • identify actions within your control to start to bring that vision to life, and

  • recognize and celebrate your success to bring greater awareness to experiences of satisfaction. 

My focus is on helping you create the life you want. During our coaching sessions, I will listen deeply and without judgement. My role is not to provide advice or opinions, but to help you connect with your own desires, wisdom, and deeper knowledge systems. Your role is to be honest and willing to try.

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Working in person, over the phone, and by video conference, I partner with clients throughout Canada. 

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